Psalm 51:1-10 NCV

1 God, be merciful to me because you are loving. Because you are always ready to be merciful, wipe out all my wrongs.
2 Wash away all my guilt and make me clean again.
3 I know about my wrongs, and I can't forget my sin.
4 You are the only one I have sinned against; I have done what you say is wrong. You are right when you speak and fair when you judge.
5 I was brought into this world in sin. In sin my mother gave birth to me.
6 You want me to be completely truthful, so teach me wisdom.
7 Take away my sin, and I will be clean. Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.
8 Make me hear sounds of joy and gladness; let the bones you crushed be happy again.
9 Turn your face from my sins and wipe out all my guilt.
10 Create in me a pure heart, God, and make my spirit right again.