14 Moreover, from the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, when I was appointed to be their governor in the land of Judah, until his thirty-second year—twelve years—neither I nor my brothers ate the food allotted to the governor.
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15 But the earlier governors—those preceding me—placed a heavy burden on the people and took forty shekelsa of silver from them in addition to food and wine. Their assistants also lorded it over the people. But out of reverence for God I did not act like that.
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    • j 5:15 - That is, about 1 pound or about 460 grams
      16 Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall. All my men were assembled there for the work; web did not acquire any land.
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        • k 5:16 - Most Hebrew manuscripts; some Hebrew manuscripts, Septuagint, Vulgate and Syriac "I"
          17 Furthermore, a hundred and fifty Jews and officials ate at my table, as well as those who came to us from the surrounding nations.
          18 Each day one ox, six choice sheep and some poultry were prepared for me, and every ten days an abundant supply of wine of all kinds. In spite of all this, I never demanded the food allotted to the governor, because the demands were heavy on these people.
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          19 Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people.
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