Exodus 30:22-33 NIRV

Anointing Oil

22 Then the LORD spoke to Moses.

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      23 He said, "Get some fine spices. Get 12 pounds eight ounces of liquid myrrh. Get six pounds four ounces of sweet-smelling cinnamon and the same amount of sweet-smelling cane.
      24 Also get 12 pounds eight ounces of cassia. All of the spices must be weighed out in keeping with the standard weights that are used in the sacred tent. Get four quarts of olive oil.
      25 "Have a person who makes perfume mix everything into a sacred anointing oil. It will smell sweet.
      26 "Then anoint the Tent of Meeting and the ark where the tablets of the covenant are kept.
      27 Anoint the table for the holy bread and all of its articles. Anoint the lampstand and the things that are used with it. Anoint the altar for burning incense.
      28 Anoint the altar for burnt offerings and all of its tools. And anoint the large bowl together with its stand.
      29 You must set them apart so that they will be very holy. Anything that touches them will be holy.
      30 "Anoint Aaron and his sons. Set them apart so that they can serve me as priests.
      31 "Say to the people of Israel, 'This will be my sacred anointing oil for all time to come.
      32 Do not pour it on the bodies of any other men. Do not make any other oil in the same way. It is sacred. So you must think of it as sacred.
      33 Anyone who makes perfume in the same way and puts it on someone who is not a priest must be cut off from his people.' "