Jeremiah 14:1-6 NIRV

War and Hunger

1 A message came to me from the Lord. He told me there wouldn't be any rain in the land. He said,

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      2 "Judah is filled with sadness. Its cities are wasting away. The people sob over the land. Crying is heard in Jerusalem.
      3 The nobles send their servants to get water. They go to the wells. But they do not find any water. They return with empty jars. They are terrified. They do not have any hope. They cover their heads.
      4 The ground is dry and cracked. There isn't any rain in the land. The farmers are terrified. They cover their heads.
      5 Even the does in the fields desert their newborn fawns. There isn't any grass to eat.
      6 Wild donkeys stand on the bare hilltops. They long for water as wild dogs do. Their eyesight fails because they do not have any grass to eat."