Jeremiah 6:1-6 NIRV

Babylonia Will Attack Jerusalem

1 The LORD says, "People of Benjamin, run for safety! Run away from Jerusalem! Blow trumpets in Tekoa! Warn everyone in Beth Hakkerem! Horrible trouble is coming from the north. The Babylonians will destroy everything with awful power.

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      2 I will destroy the city of Zion, even though it is very beautiful.
      3 Shepherds will come against it with their flocks. They will set up their tents around it. All of them will take care of their own sheep."
      4 The Babylonians say, "Prepare for battle against Judah! Get up! Let's attack them at noon! But the daylight is fading. The shadows of evening are getting longer.
      5 So get up! Let's attack them at night! Let's destroy their strongest forts!"
      6 The LORD who rules over all speaks to the Babylonians. He says, "Cut some trees down. Use the wood to build ramps against Jerusalem's walls. I must punish that city. It is filled with people who treat others badly.