Numbers 5:7-17 NIRV

7 " 'They must admit they have committed a sin. They must pay in full for what they did wrong. And they must add a fifth to it. Then they must give all of it to the person they have sinned against.
8 " 'But suppose the person has died. And suppose there is not a close relative who can be paid for the sin that was committed. Then what is paid belongs to the Lord. It must be given to the priest. A ram must be given along with it. The ram must be sacrificed to the LORD to pay for the sin.
9 " 'All of the sacred gifts the people of Israel bring to a priest will belong to him.
10 Sacred gifts belong to the man who gives them. But what he gives to a priest will belong to the priest.' "

The Test for a Wife Who Is Not Faithful

11 Then the LORD spoke to Moses again. He said,

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      12 "Speak to the people of Israel. Say to them, 'Suppose a man's wife goes down the wrong path. And suppose she is not faithful to him.
      13 She has sex with another man. And suppose what she has done is hidden from her husband. No one knows she is not "clean." So there is no witness against her. And she has not been caught in the act.
      14 " 'Suppose her husband becomes jealous. He does not trust his wife, and she is really not "clean." Or suppose he does not trust her even though she is "clean."
      15 Then he must take his wife to the priest. " 'He must also bring an offering. It must be eight cups of barley flour. The offering is for his wife. He must not pour olive oil on it. And he must not put incense on it. It is a grain offering for being jealous. It calls attention to a person's guilt.
      16 " 'The priest must have her stand in front of the Lord.
      17 He must pour some holy water into a clay jar. He must get some dust from the floor of the holy tent. And he must put it into the water.