Proverbs 16:13-23 NIRV

13 Kings are pleased when what you say is honest. They value people who speak the truth.
14 An angry king can order your death. But a wise man will try to calm him down.
15 When a king's face is happy, it means life. His favor is like rain in the spring.
16 It is much better to get wisdom than gold. It is much better to choose understanding than silver.
17 The path of honest people takes them away from evil. Those who guard their ways guard their lives.
18 If you are proud, you will be destroyed. If you are proud, you will fall.
19 Suppose you are lowly in spirit and are with those who are beaten down. That's better than sharing stolen goods with those who are proud.
20 If anyone pays attention to what he is taught, he will succeed. Blessed is the person who puts his trust in the Lord.
21 Wise hearts are known for understanding what is right. Pleasant words make people want to learn more.
22 Understanding is like a fountain of life to those who have it. But foolish people are punished for the foolish things they do.
23 The hearts of wise people guide their mouths. Their words make people want to learn more.