Psalm 119:129-144 NIRV


129 Your covenant laws are wonderful. So I obey them.

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      130 When your words are made clear, they bring light. They bring understanding to childish people.
      131 I open my mouth and pant like a dog, because I long to know your commands.
      132 Turn to me and show me your favor. That's what you've always done for those who love you.
      133 Teach me how to live as you have promised. Don't let any sin be my master.
      134 Set me free from men who beat me down. Then I will obey your rules.
      135 Let your face smile on me with favor. Teach me your orders.
      136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes, because people don't obey your law.
      137 Lord, you do what is fair. And your laws are right.
      138 The laws you have made are fair. They can be completely trusted.
      139 My anger is wearing me out, because my enemies don't pay any attention to your words.
      140 Your promises have proved to be true. I love them.
      141 I'm not important. People look down on me. But I don't forget to obey your rules.
      142 You always do what is right. And your law is true.
      143 I've had my share of trouble and suffering. But I take delight in your commands.
      144 Your covenant laws are always right. Help me to understand them. Then I will live.