1 Chronicles 29:21-26 NLT

21 The next day they brought a thousand bulls, a thousand rams, and a thousand male lambs as burnt offerings to the LORD. They also brought drink offerings and many other sacrifices on behalf of Israel.
22 They feasted and drank in the LORD's presence with great joy that day.And again they crowned David's son Solomon as their new king. They anointed him before the LORD as their leader, and they anointed Zadok as their priest.
23 So Solomon took the throne of the LORD in place of his father, David, and he prospered greatly, and all Israel obeyed him.
24 All the royal officials, the army commanders, and the sons of King David pledged their loyalty to King Solomon.
25 And the LORD exalted Solomon so the entire nation of Israel stood in awe of him, and he gave Solomon even greater wealth and honor than his father.
26 So David son of Jesse reigned over all Israel.