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1 Corinthians 11:15 NLT

15 And isn’t long hair a woman’s pride and joy? For it has been given to her as a covering.

Study tools for 1 Corinthians 11:15

  • a 11:3 - Or to know: The source of every man is Christ, the source of woman is man, and the source of Christ is God. Or to know: Every man is responsible to Christ, a woman is responsible to her husband, and Christ is responsible to God.
  • b 11:4 - Or dishonors Christ.
  • c 11:5 - Or dishonors her husband.
  • d 11:6 - Or should have long hair.
  • e 11:10 - Greek should have an authority on her head.
  • f 11:24 - Greek which is for you; other manuscripts read which is broken for you.
  • g 11:27 - Or is responsible for.
  • h 11:29 - Greek the body; other manuscripts read the Lord’s body.
  • i 11:33 - Greek brothers.