1 Samuel 8:11-17 NLT

11 "This is how a king will treat you," Samuel said. "The king will draft your sons into his army and make them run before his chariots.
12 Some will be commanders of his troops, while others will be slave laborers. Some will be forced to plow in his fields and harvest his crops, while others will make his weapons and chariot equipment.
13 The king will take your daughters from you and force them to cook and bake and make perfumes for him.
14 He will take away the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his own servants.
15 He will take a tenth of your harvest and distribute it among his officers and attendants.
16 He will want your male and female slaves and demand the finest of your cattle a and donkeys for his own use.

References for 1 Samuel 8:16

    • | 8:16 - As in Greek version; Hebrew reads <I>young men.</I>
      17 He will demand a tenth of your flocks, and you will be his slaves.