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2 Chronicles 6:1-11 (New Living Translation)

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1 Then Solomon prayed, "O LORD, you have said that you would live in thick darkness. 2 But I have built a glorious Temple for you, where you can live forever!" 3 Then the king turned around to the entire community of Israel standing before him and gave this blessing: 4 "Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, who has kept the promise he made to my father, David. For he told my father, 5 'From the day I brought my people out of Egypt, I have never chosen a city among the tribes of Israel as the place where a temple should be built to honor my name. Nor have I chosen a king to lead my people Israel. 6 But now I have chosen Jerusalem as that city, and David as that king.'" 7 Then Solomon said, "My father, David, wanted to build this Temple to honor the name of the LORD, the God of Israel. 8 But the LORD told him, 'It is right for you to want to build the Temple to honor my name, 9 but you will not be the one to do it. One of your sons will build it instead.'" 10 "And now the LORD has done what he promised, for I have become king in my father's place. I have built this Temple to honor the name of the LORD, the God of Israel. 11 There I have placed the Ark, and in the Ark is the covenant that the LORD made with the people of Israel."
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