2 Chronicles 13:1-8 NLT

1 Abijah began to rule over Judah in the eighteenth year of Jeroboam’s reign in Israel.
2 He reigned in Jerusalem three years. His mother was Maacah,a the daughter of Uriel from Gibeah. Then war broke out between Abijah and Jeroboam.

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    • ڪ 13:2 - As in most Greek manuscripts and Syriac version (see also 2 Chr 11:20-21; 1 Kgs 15:2 ); Hebrew reads Micaiah, a variant spelling of Maacah.
      3 Judah, led by King Abijah, fielded 400,000 select warriors, while Jeroboam mustered 800,000 select troops from Israel.
      4 When the army of Judah arrived in the hill country of Ephraim, Abijah stood on Mount Zemaraim and shouted to Jeroboam and all Israel: “Listen to me!
      5 Don’t you realize that the , the God of Israel, made a lasting covenantb with David, giving him and his descendants the throne of Israel forever?

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        • ګ 13:5 - Hebrew a covenant of salt.
          6 Yet Jeroboam son of Nebat, a mere servant of David’s son Solomon, rebelled against his master.
          7 Then a whole gang of scoundrels joined him, defying Solomon’s son Rehoboam when he was young and inexperienced and could not stand up to them.
          8 “Do you really think you can stand against the kingdom of the that is led by the descendants of David? You may have a vast army, and you have those gold calves that Jeroboam made as your gods.