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2 Samuel 3:28 NLT

28 When David heard about it, he declared, “I vow by the LORD that I and my kingdom are forever innocent of this crime against Abner son of Ner.

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  • a 3:3 - As in parallel text at 1 Chr 3:1 (see also Greek version, which reads Daluia, and possible support by Dead Sea Scrolls); Hebrew reads Kileab.
  • b 3:7 - Ishbosheth is another name for Esh-baal.
  • c 3:14 - Hebrew the foreskins.
  • d 3:15 - As in 1 Sam 25:44 ; Hebrew reads Paltiel, a variant spelling of Palti.
  • e 3:29 - Or or a contagious skin disease. The Hebrew word used here can describe various skin diseases.
  • f 3:29 - Or who is effeminate; Hebrew reads who handles a spindle.