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Amos 9:1 NLT

1 Then I saw a vision of the Lord standing beside the altar. He said, “Strike the tops of the Temple columns, so that the foundation will shake. Bring down the roof on the heads of the people below. I will kill with the sword those who survive. No one will escape!

Study tools for Amos 9:1

  • a 9:2 - Hebrew to Sheol.
  • b 9:7 - Hebrew the Cushites?
  • c 9:7 - Hebrew Caphtor.
  • d 9:8 - Hebrew the house of Jacob. See note on 3:13 .
  • e 9:11 - Or kingdom; Hebrew reads tent.
  • f 9:12 - Greek version reads and restore its former glory, / so that the rest of humanity, including the Gentiles— / all those I have called to be mine—might seek me. Compare Acts 15:16-17 .