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Esther 2:2 NLT

2 So his personal attendants suggested, “Let us search the empire to find beautiful young virgins for the king.

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  • a 2:6 - Hebrew He.
  • b 2:6 - Hebrew Jeconiah, a variant spelling of Jehoiachin.
  • c 2:14 - Or to another part of the harem.
  • d 2:16 - Hebrew in the tenth month, the month of Tebeth. A number of dates in the book of Esther can be cross-checked with dates in surviving Persian records and related accurately to our modern calendar. This month of the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar occurred within the months of December 479 and January 478
  • e 2:19 - The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.
  • f 2:19 - Hebrew and Mordecai was sitting in the gate of the king.
  • g 2:21 - Hebrew Bigthan; compare 6:2 .