Ezekiel 20:40-49 NLT

40 For on my holy mountain, the great mountain of Israel, says the Sovereign , the people of Israel will someday worship me, and I will accept them. There I will require that you bring me all your offerings and choice gifts and sacrifices.
41 When I bring you home from exile, you will be like a pleasing sacrifice to me. And I will display my holiness through you as all the nations watch.
42 Then when I have brought you home to the land I promised with a solemn oath to give to your ancestors, you will know that I am the .
43 You will look back on all the ways you defiled yourselves and will hate yourselves because of the evil you have done.
44 You will know that I am the , O people of Israel, when I have honored my name by treating you mercifully in spite of your wickedness. I, the Sovereign , have spoken!”
45 a Then this message came to me from the :

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    • 20:45 - Verses 20:45-49 are numbered 21:1-5 in Hebrew text.
      46 “Son of man, turn and face the southb and speak out against it; prophesy against the brushlands of the Negev.

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        • 20:46 - Hebrew toward Teman.
          47 Tell the southern wilderness, ‘This is what the Sovereign says: Hear the word of the ! I will set you on fire, and every tree, both green and dry, will be burned. The terrible flames will not be quenched and will scorch everything from south to north.
          48 And everyone in the world will see that I, the , have set this fire. It will not be put out.’”
          49 Then I said, “O Sovereign , they are saying of me, ‘He only talks in riddles!’”