Ezekiel 28:14-24 NLT

14 I ordained and anointed you as the mighty angelic guardian. a You had access to the holy mountain of God and walked among the stones of fire."

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    • ˆ 28:14 - Hebrew <I>guardian cherub;</I> also in 28:16.
      15 "You were blameless in all you did from the day you were created until the day evil was found in you.
      16 Your great wealth filled you with violence, and you sinned. So I banished you from the mountain of God. I expelled you, O mighty guardian, from your place among the stones of fire.
      17 Your heart was filled with pride because of all your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth and exposed you to the curious gaze of kings.
      18 You defiled your sanctuaries with your many sins and your dishonest trade. So I brought fire from within you, and it consumed you. I let it burn you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who were watching.
      19 All who knew you are appalled at your fate. You have come to a terrible end, and you are no more."
      20 Then another message came to me from the LORD:
      21 "Son of man, look toward the city of Sidon and prophesy against it.
      22 Give the people of Sidon this message from the Sovereign LORD: I am your enemy, O Sidon, and I will reveal my glory by what happens to you. When I bring judgment against you and reveal my holiness among you, everyone watching will know that I am the LORD.
      23 I will send a plague against you, and blood will be spilled in your streets. The attack will come from every direction, and your people will lie slaughtered within your walls. Then everyone will know that I am the LORD.
      24 No longer will Israel's scornful neighbors prick and tear at her like thorns and briers. For then they will know that I am the Sovereign LORD."