Ezekiel 44:1-6 NLT

1 Then the man brought me back to the east gateway in the outer wall of the Temple area, but it was closed.
2 And the said to me, “This gate must remain closed; it will never again be opened. No one will ever open it and pass through, for the , the God of Israel, has entered here. Therefore, it must always remain shut.
3 Only the prince himself may sit inside this gateway to feast in the ’s presence. But he may come and go only through the entry room of the gateway.”
4 Then the man brought me through the north gateway to the front of the Temple. I looked and saw that the glory of the filled the Temple of the , and I fell face down on the ground.
5 And the said to me, “Son of man, take careful notice. Use your eyes and ears, and listen to everything I tell you about the regulations concerning the ’s Temple. Take careful note of the procedures for using the Temple’s entrances and exits.
6 And give these rebels, the people of Israel, this message from the Sovereign : O people of Israel, enough of your detestable sins!