8 The construction of the Temple of God began in midspring, during the second year after they arrived in Jerusalem. The work force was made up of everyone who had returned from exile, including Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, Jeshua son of Jehozadak and his fellow priests, and all the Levites. The Levites who were twenty years old or older were put in charge of rebuilding the LORD ’s Temple.
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    • e 3:8 - Hebrew in the second month. This month in the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar occurred within the months of April and May 536
      9 The workers at the Temple of God were supervised by Jeshua with his sons and relatives, and Kadmiel and his sons, all descendants of Hodaviah. They were helped in this task by the Levites of the family of Henadad.
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        • f 3:9 - Hebrew sons of Judah (i.e., bene Yehudah ). Bene might also be read here as the proper name Binnui; Yehudah is probably another name for Hodaviah. Compare 2:40 ; Neh 7:43 ; 1 Esdras 5:58.
          10 When the builders completed the foundation of the LORD ’s Temple, the priests put on their robes and took their places to blow their trumpets. And the Levites, descendants of Asaph, clashed their cymbals to praise the LORD, just as King David had prescribed.
          11 With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the LORD : “He is so good! His faithful love for Israel endures forever!” Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the LORD because the foundation of the LORD ’s Temple had been laid.