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Isaiah 14:2 NLT

2 The nations of the world will help the people of Israel to return, and those who come to live in the LORD ’s land will serve them. Those who captured Israel will themselves be captured, and Israel will rule over its enemies.

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  • a 14:1 - Hebrew the house of Jacob. The names “Jacob” and “Israel” are often interchanged throughout the Old Testament, referring sometimes to the individual patriarch and sometimes to the nation.
  • b 14:4 - As in Dead Sea Scrolls; the meaning of the Masoretic Text is uncertain.
  • c 14:9 - Hebrew Sheol; also in 14:15 .
  • d 14:11 - Hebrew were brought down to Sheol.
  • e 14:13 - Or on the heights of Zaphon.
  • f 14:28 - King Ahaz died in 715
  • g 14:32 - Hebrew Zion.