Jeremiah 27:14-18 NLT

14 Do not listen to the false prophets who keep telling you, ‘The king of Babylon will not conquer you.’ They are liars.
15 This is what the says: ‘I have not sent these prophets! They are telling you lies in my name, so I will drive you from this land. You will all die—you and all these prophets, too.’”
16 Then I spoke to the priests and the people and said, “This is what the says: ‘Do not listen to your prophets who claim that soon the gold articles taken from my Temple will be returned from Babylon. It is all a lie!
17 Do not listen to them. Surrender to the king of Babylon, and you will live. Why should this whole city be destroyed?
18 If they really are prophets and speak the ’s messages, let them pray to the of Heaven’s Armies. Let them pray that the articles remaining in the ’s Temple and in the king’s palace and in the palaces of Jerusalem will not be carried away to Babylon!’