Job 34:24-34 NLT

24 He brings the mighty to ruin without asking anyone, and he sets up others in their place.
25 He knows what they do, and in the night he overturns and destroys them.
26 He strikes them down because they are wicked, doing it openly for all to see.
27 For they turned away from following him. They have no respect for any of his ways.
28 They cause the poor to cry out, catching God’s attention. He hears the cries of the needy.
29 But if he chooses to remain quiet, who can criticize him? When he hides his face, no one can find him, whether an individual or a nation.
30 He prevents the godless from ruling so they cannot be a snare to the people.
31 “Why don’t people say to God, ‘I have sinned, but I will sin no more’?
32 Or ‘I don’t know what evil I have done—tell me. If I have done wrong, I will stop at once’?
33 “Must God tailor his justice to your demands? But you have rejected him! The choice is yours, not mine. Go ahead, share your wisdom with us.
34 After all, bright people will tell me, and wise people will hear me say,