Nehemiah 12:31-41 NLT

31 I led the leaders of Judah to the top of the wall and organized two large choirs to give thanks. One of the choirs proceeded southward a along the top of the wall to the Dung Gate.

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    • £ 12:31 - Hebrew <I>to the right.</I>
      32 Hoshaiah and half the leaders of Judah followed them,
      33 along with Azariah, Ezra, Meshullam,
      34 Judah, Benjamin, Shemaiah, Jeremiah,
      35 and some priests who played trumpets. Then came Zechariah son of Jonathan, son of Shemaiah, son of Mattaniah, son of Micaiah, son of Zaccur, a descendant of Asaph.
      36 And finally came Zechariah's colleagues Shemaiah, Azarel, Milalai, Gilalai, Maai, Nethanel, Judah, and Hanani. They used the musical instruments prescribed by David, the man of God. Ezra the scribe led this procession.
      37 At the Fountain Gate they went straight up the steps on the ascent of the city wall toward the City of David. They passed the house of David and then proceeded to the Water Gate on the east.
      38 The second choir went northward b around the other way to meet them. I followed them, with the other half of the people, along the top of the wall past the Tower of the Ovens to the Broad Wall,

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        • ¤ 12:38 - Hebrew <I>to the left.</I>
          39 then past the Ephraim Gate to the Old City Gate, c past the Fish Gate and the Tower of Hananel, and went on to the Tower of the Hundred. Then we continued on to the Sheep Gate and stopped at the Guard Gate.

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            • ¥ 12:39 - Or <I>the Mishneh Gate,</I> or <I>the Jeshanah Gate.</I>
              40 The two choirs that were giving thanks then proceeded to the Temple of God, where they took their places. So did I, together with the group of leaders who were with me.
              41 We went together with the trumpet-playing priests -- Eliakim, Maaseiah, Miniamin, Micaiah, Elioenai, Zechariah, and Hananiah --