Numbers 1:1-6 NLT

1 A year after Israel’s departure from Egypt, the LORD spoke to Moses in the Tabernaclea in the wilderness of Sinai. On the first day of the second monthb of that year he said,

References for Numbers 1:1

    • Ȝ 1:1 - Hebrew the Tent of Meeting.
    • ȝ 1:1 - This day in the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar occurred in April or May.
      2 “From the whole community of Israel, record the names of all the warriors by their clans and families. List all the men
      3 twenty years old or older who are able to go to war. You and Aaron must register the troops,
      4 and you will be assisted by one family leader from each tribe.
      5 “These are the tribes and the names of the leaders who will assist you: Tribe Leader Reuben Elizur son of Shedeur
      6 Simeon Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai