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Revelation 18:19 NLT

19 And they will weep and throw dust on their heads to show their grief. And they will cry out, “How terrible, how terrible for that great city! The shipowners became wealthy by transporting her great wealth on the seas. In a single moment it is all gone.”

Study tools for Revelation 18:19

  • a 18:2 - Greek unclean; also in each of the two following phrases.
  • b 18:2 - Some manuscripts condense the last two lines to read a hideout for every foul [unclean] and dreadful vulture.
  • c 18:3 - Some manuscripts read have drunk.
  • d 18:6 - Or Give her an equal penalty.
  • e 18:6 - Or brew just as much.
  • f 18:24 - Greek her.