1 Kings 7:15-25 NRS

15 He cast two pillars of bronze. Eighteen cubits was the height of the one, and a cord of twelve cubits would encircle it; the second pillar was the same. a

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    • k 7:15 - Cn: Heb [and a cord of twelve cubits encircled the second pillar]+!; Compare Jer 52.21
      16 He also made two capitals of molten bronze, to set on the tops of the pillars; the height of the one capital was five cubits, and the height of the other capital was five cubits.
      17 There were nets of checker work with wreaths of chain work for the capitals on the tops of the pillars; seven b for the one capital, and seven c for the other capital.

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        • l 7:17 - Heb: Gk [a net]
        • m 7:17 - Heb: Gk [a net]
          18 He made the columns with two rows around each latticework to cover the capitals that were above the pomegranates; he did the same with the other capital.
          19 Now the capitals that were on the tops of the pillars in the vestibule were of lily-work, four cubits high.
          20 The capitals were on the two pillars and also above the rounded projection that was beside the latticework; there were two hundred pomegranates in rows all around; and so with the other capital.
          21 He set up the pillars at the vestibule of the temple; he set up the pillar on the south and called it Jachin; and he set up the pillar on the north and called it Boaz.
          22 On the tops of the pillars was lily-work. Thus the work of the pillars was finished.
          23 Then he made the molten sea; it was round, ten cubits from brim to brim, and five cubits high. A line of thirty cubits would encircle it completely.
          24 Under its brim were panels all around it, each of ten cubits, surrounding the sea; there were two rows of panels, cast when it was cast.
          25 It stood on twelve oxen, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east; the sea was set on them. The hindquarters of each were toward the inside.