Ezekiel 5:1-6 NRS

1 And you, O mortal, take a sharp sword; use it as a barber's razor and run it over your head and your beard; then take balances for weighing, and divide the hair.
2 One third of the hair you shall burn in the fire inside the city, when the days of the siege are completed; one third you shall take and strike with the sword all around the city; a and one third you shall scatter to the wind, and I will unsheathe the sword after them.

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    • j 5:2 - Heb [it]
      3 Then you shall take from these a small number, and bind them in the skirts of your robe.
      4 From these, again, you shall take some, throw them into the fire and burn them up; from there a fire will come out against all the house of Israel.
      5 Thus says the Lord God: This is Jerusalem; I have set her in the center of the nations, with countries all around her.
      6 But she has rebelled against my ordinances and my statutes, becoming more wicked than the nations and the countries all around her, rejecting my ordinances and not following my statutes.