Habakkuk 2:15-20 NRS

15 "Alas for you who make your neighbors drink, pouring out your wrath a until they are drunk, in order to gaze on their nakedness!"

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    • h 2:15 - Or [poison]
      16 You will be sated with contempt instead of glory. Drink, you yourself, and stagger! b The cup in the Lord's right hand will come around to you, and shame will come upon your glory!

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        • i 2:16 - Q Ms Gk: MT [be uncircumcised]
          17 For the violence done to Lebanon will overwhelm you; the destruction of the animals will terrify you— c because of human bloodshed and violence to the earth, to cities and all who live in them.

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            • j 2:17 - Gk Syr: Meaning of Heb uncertain
              18 What use is an idol once its maker has shaped it— a cast image, a teacher of lies? For its maker trusts in what has been made, though the product is only an idol that cannot speak!
              19 Alas for you who say to the wood, "Wake up!" to silent stone, "Rouse yourself!" Can it teach? See, it is gold and silver plated, and there is no breath in it at all.
              20 But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him!