Proverbs 19:9-19 NRS

9 A false witness will not go unpunished, and the liar will perish.
10 It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury, much less for a slave to rule over princes.
11 Those with good sense are slow to anger, and it is their glory to overlook an offense.
12 A king's anger is like the growling of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass.
13 A stupid child is ruin to a father, and a wife's quarreling is a continual dripping of rain.
14 House and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.
15 Laziness brings on deep sleep; an idle person will suffer hunger.
16 Those who keep the commandment will live; those who are heedless of their ways will die.
17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and will be repaid in full.
18 Discipline your children while there is hope; do not set your heart on their destruction.
19 A violent tempered person will pay the penalty; if you effect a rescue, you will only have to do it again. a

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    • Ÿ 19:19 - Meaning of Heb uncertain