Psalm 89:47-52 NRS

47 Remember how short my time is— a for what vanity you have created all mortals!

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    • Ě 89:47 - Meaning of Heb uncertain
      48 Who can live and never see death? Who can escape the power of Sheol? (Selah)
      49 Lord, where is your steadfast love of old, which by your faithfulness you swore to David?
      50 Remember, O Lord, how your servant is taunted; how I bear in my bosom the insults of the peoples, b

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        • ě 89:50 - Cn: Heb [bosom all of many peoples]
          51 with which your enemies taunt, O Lord, with which they taunted the footsteps of your anointed.
          52 Blessed be the Lord forever. Amen and Amen.