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Numbers 3:4 NIV

4 Nadab and Abihu, however, died before the LORD when they made an offering with unauthorized fire before him in the Desert of Sinai. They had no sons, so Eleazar and Ithamar served as priests during the lifetime of their father Aaron.

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  • a 3:9 - Most manuscripts of the Masoretic Text; some manuscripts of the Masoretic Text, Samaritan Pentateuch and Septuagint (see also 8:16) "to me"
  • b 3:28 - Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts "8,300"
  • c 3:47 - That is, about 2 ounces or about 58 grams
  • d 3:50 - That is, about 35 pounds or about 16 kilograms