Numbers 16:41-50 NIV

41 The next day the whole Israelite community grumbled against Moses and Aaron. "You have killed the LORD's people," they said.
42 But when the assembly gathered in opposition1 to Moses and Aaron and turned toward the Tent of Meeting, suddenly the cloud covered it and the glory of the LORD 2 appeared.

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43 Then Moses and Aaron went to the front of the Tent of Meeting,
44 and the LORD said to Moses,
45 "Get away from this assembly so I can put an end3 to them at once." And they fell facedown.

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46 Then Moses said to Aaron, "Take your censer4 and put incense in it, along with fire from the altar, and hurry to the assembly5 to make atonement6 for them. Wrath has come out from the LORD;7 the plague8 has started."

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47 So Aaron did as Moses said, and ran into the midst of the assembly. The plague had already started among the people,9 but Aaron offered the incense and made atonement for them.

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48 He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.10

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49 But 14,700 people died from the plague, in addition to those who had died because of Korah.11

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      50 Then Aaron returned to Moses at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, for the plague had stopped.