Numbers 6:14-18 NIV

14 There he is to present his offerings to the LORD: a year-old male lamb without defect1 for a burnt offering, a year-old ewe lamb without defect for a sin offering,2 a ram3 without defect for a fellowship offering,a4

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    • a 6:14 - Traditionally "peace offering"; also in verses 17 and 18
      15 together with their grain offerings5 and drink offerings,6 and a basket of bread made without yeast--cakes made of fine flour mixed with oil, and wafers spread with oil.7

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      16 " 'The priest is to present them8 before the LORD 9 and make the sin offering and the burnt offering.10

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          17 He is to present the basket of unleavened bread and is to sacrifice the ram as a fellowship offering11 to the LORD, together with its grain offering12 and drink offering.13

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          18 " 'Then at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, the Nazirite must shave off the hair that he dedicated.14 He is to take the hair and put it in the fire that is under the sacrifice of the fellowship offering.

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