Numbers 7:78-88 NIV

78 On the twelfth day Ahira son of Enan,1 the leader of the people of Naphtali, brought his offering.

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79 His offering was one silver plate weighing a hundred and thirty shekels, and one silver sprinkling bowl weighing seventy shekels, both according to the sanctuary shekel, each filled with fine flour mixed with oil as a grain offering;
80 one gold dish weighing ten shekels, filled with incense;
81 one young bull, one ram and one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering;
82 one male goat for a sin offering;
83 and two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs a year old, to be sacrificed as a fellowship offering. This was the offering of Ahira son of Enan.
84 These were the offerings of the Israelite leaders for the dedication of the altar when it was anointed:2 twelve silver plates, twelve silver sprinkling bowls3 and twelve gold dishes.4

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      85 Each silver plate weighed a hundred and thirty shekels, and each sprinkling bowl seventy shekels. Altogether, the silver dishes weighed two thousand four hundred shekels,a according to the sanctuary shekel.5

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        • e 7:85 - That is, about 60 pounds (about 28 kilograms)
          86 The twelve gold dishes filled with incense weighed ten shekels each, according to the sanctuary shekel.6 Altogether, the gold dishes weighed a hundred and twenty shekels.b

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            • f 7:86 - That is, about 3 pounds (about 1.4 kilograms)
              87 The total number of animals for the burnt offering7 came to twelve young bulls, twelve rams and twelve male lambs a year old, together with their grain offering.8 Twelve male goats were used for the sin offering.9

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                  88 The total number of animals for the sacrifice of the fellowship offering10 came to twenty-four oxen, sixty rams, sixty male goats and sixty male lambs11 a year old. These were the offerings for the dedication of the altar after it was anointed.12

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