Parallel Bible results for Exodus 30:17-21

Revised Standard Version

New International Version

Exodus 30:17-21

RSV 17 The LORD said to Moses, NIV 17 Then the LORD said to Moses, RSV 18 "You shall also make a laver of bronze, with its base of bronze, for washing. And you shall put it between the tent of meeting and the altar, and you shall put water in it, NIV 18 "Make a bronze basin, with its bronze stand, for washing. Place it between the Tent of Meeting and the altar, and put water in it. RSV 19 with which Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet. NIV 19 Aaron and his sons are to wash their hands and feet with water from it. RSV 20 When they go into the tent of meeting, or when they come near the altar to minister, to burn an offering by fire to the LORD, they shall wash with water, lest they die. NIV 20 Whenever they enter the Tent of Meeting, they shall wash with water so that they will not die. Also, when they approach the altar to minister by presenting an offering made to the LORD by fire, RSV 21 They shall wash their hands and their feet, lest they die: it shall be a statute for ever to them, even to him and to his descendants throughout their generations." NIV 21 they shall wash their hands and feet so that they will not die. This is to be a lasting ordinance for Aaron and his descendants for the generations to come."