Parallel Bible results for Ezekiel 43:1-6

Good News Translation

New International Version

Ezekiel 43:1-6

GNT 1 The man took me to the gate that faces east, NIV 1 Then the man brought me to the gate facing east, GNT 2 and there I saw coming from the east the dazzling light of the presence of the God of Israel. God's voice sounded like the roar of the sea, and the earth shone with the dazzling light. NIV 2 and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory. GNT 3 This vision was like the one I had seen when God came to destroy Jerusalem, and the one I saw by the Chebar River. Then I threw myself face downward on the ground. NIV 3 The vision I saw was like the vision I had seen when he came to destroy the city and like the visions I had seen by the Kebar River, and I fell facedown. GNT 4 The dazzling light passed through the east gate and went into the Temple. NIV 4 The glory of the LORD entered the temple through the gate facing east. GNT 5 The Lord's spirit lifted me up and took me into the inner courtyard, where I saw that the Temple was filled with the glory of the Lord. NIV 5 Then the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court, and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. GNT 6 The man stood beside me there, and I heard the Lord speak to me out of the Temple: NIV 6 While the man was standing beside me, I heard someone speaking to me from inside the temple.