Parallel Bible results for Jeremiah 6:1-6

The Complete Jewish Bible

New International Version

Jeremiah 6:1-6

CJB 1 "Head for cover, people of Binyamin, get out of Yerushalayim! Blow the shofar in T'koa, light the beacon on Beit-Hakerem. For disaster threatens from the north, with great destruction. NIV 1 "Flee for safety, people of Benjamin! Flee from Jerusalem! Sound the trumpet in Tekoa! Raise the signal over Beth Hakkerem! For disaster looms out of the north, even terrible destruction. CJB 2 Although she is beautiful and delicate, I am cutting off the daughter of Tziyon." NIV 2 I will destroy the Daughter of Zion, so beautiful and delicate. CJB 3 Shepherds advance on her with their flocks; all around her they pitch their tents, each grazing his own plot of pasture. NIV 3 Shepherds with their flocks will come against her; they will pitch their tents around her, each tending his own portion." CJB 4 "Prepare for war against her! Get up! Let's attack at noon!" "Woe to us! for the day is waning, evening shadows are lengthening." NIV 4 "Prepare for battle against her! Arise, let us attack at noon! But, alas, the daylight is fading, and the shadows of evening grow long. CJB 5 "Get up! Let's attack at night! Let's destroy her palaces!" NIV 5 So arise, let us attack at night and destroy her fortresses!" CJB 6 For ADONAI-Tzva'ot says this: "Cut down her trees, and raise a siege-ramp against Yerushalayim! This is the city to be punished; in her there is nothing but oppression. NIV 6 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Cut down the trees and build siege ramps against Jerusalem. This city must be punished; it is filled with oppression.