Parallel Bible results for Job 15


New International Version

Job 15

WYC 1 Then Eliphaz (the) Temanite answered, and said, NIV 1 Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied: WYC 2 Whether a wise man shall answer, as speaking against the wind, and shall fill his stomach with burning, that is ire? (Would a wise man answer someone, whose speaking is merely wind, and who filleth his stomach with hot air?) NIV 2 "Would a wise man answer with empty notions or fill his belly with the hot east wind? WYC 3 For thou reprovest him by words, which is not like thee, and thou speakest that, that speedeth not to thee. (For thou rebukest him with worthless words, and thou speakest, what profiteth thee not.) NIV 3 Would he argue with useless words, with speeches that have no value? WYC 4 As much as is in thee, thou hast avoided dread; and thou hast taken away thy prayers before God. (As much as is possible, thou hast avoided fearing God/revering God; and thou hast not presented thy prayers to God.) NIV 4 But you even undermine piety and hinder devotion to God. WYC 5 For [thy] wickedness hath taught thy mouth, and thou followest the tongue of blasphemers. NIV 5 Your sin prompts your mouth; you adopt the tongue of the crafty. WYC 6 Thy tongue [Thy mouth], and not I, shall condemn thee, and thy lips shall answer (against) thee. NIV 6 Your own mouth condemns you, not mine; your own lips testify against you. WYC 7 Whether thou art born the first man, and whether thou art formed before (the) little hills? (Art thou the first man born, and wast thou formed before the little hills?) NIV 7 "Are you the first man ever born? Were you brought forth before the hills? WYC 8 Whether thou hast heard the counsel of God, and whether his wisdom is lower than thou? (and is his wisdom less than thine?) NIV 8 Do you listen in on God's council? Do you limit wisdom to yourself ? WYC 9 What thing knowest thou, which we know not? What thing understandest thou, which we know not? NIV 9 What do you know that we do not know? What insights do you have that we do not have? WYC 10 Both wise men and eld (men), much elder than thy fathers (much older than thy father), be among us. NIV 10 The gray-haired and the aged are on our side, men even older than your father. WYC 11 Whether it is great, that God comfort thee? But thy shrewd words forbid this. (Is it not wonderful, that God comforteth thee? But thy depraved words forbid this.) NIV 11 Are God's consolations not enough for you, words spoken gently to you? WYC 12 What raiseth thine heart thee, and thou as thinking great things hast eyes astonished? (What raiseth up thy heart, to think such great things? and why be thine eyes astonished?) NIV 12 Why has your heart carried you away, and why do your eyes flash, WYC 13 What swelleth thy spirit against God, that thou bring forth of thy mouth such words? (What swelleth thy spirit against God, so that thou bring forth such words out of thy mouth?) NIV 13 so that you vent your rage against God and pour out such words from your mouth? WYC 14 What is a man, that he be without wem, and that he, born of a woman, appear just? (What is a man, is he ever pure, or without fault? yea, he, who is born of a woman, is he ever truly right before God?) NIV 14 "What is man, that he could be pure, or one born of woman, that he could be righteous? WYC 15 Lo! none among his saints is unchangeable (Lo! no one among his saints is trustworthy), and (even the) heavens be not clean in his sight. NIV 15 If God places no trust in his holy ones, if even the heavens are not pure in his eyes, WYC 16 How much more is a man abominable and unprofitable, that drinketh wickedness as water? (Then how much more abominable and unprofitable is man, who drinketh wickedness like water?) NIV 16 how much less man, who is vile and corrupt, who drinks up evil like water! WYC 17 I shall show to thee, hear thou me; I shall tell to thee that, that I saw (I shall tell thee, what I saw). NIV 17 "Listen to me and I will explain to you; let me tell you what I have seen, WYC 18 Wise men acknowledge, and hide (it) not their fathers. (The wise acknowledge it, and their forefathers hide it not.) NIV 18 what wise men have declared, hiding nothing received from their fathers WYC 19 To which wise men alone the earth is given, and an alien shall not pass by them. (To whom alone the land was given; and no foreigner lived among them.) NIV 19 (to whom alone the land was given when no alien passed among them): WYC 20 A wicked man is proud in all his days; and the number of his years and of his tyranny is uncertain. NIV 20 All his days the wicked man suffers torment, the ruthless through all the years stored up for him. WYC 21 The sound of dread is ever[more] in his ears, and when peace is, he supposeth ever[more] treasons. (A fearful sound is forever in his ears, and even when there is peace, he always expecteth an attack.) NIV 21 Terrifying sounds fill his ears; when all seems well, marauders attack him. WYC 22 He believeth not that he may turn again from darknesses to light; and he beholdeth about on each side (for) a sword. NIV 22 He despairs of escaping the darkness; he is marked for the sword. WYC 23 When he stirreth him[self] to seek bread, he knoweth, that the day of darknesses is made ready in his hand (he knoweth that the day of darkness is at hand). NIV 23 He wanders about--food for vultures; he knows the day of darkness is at hand. WYC 24 Tribulation shall make him afeared, and anguish shall (en)compass him, as a king which is made ready to battle. (Tribulation shall make him afraid, and anguish shall surround him, like a king who is made ready for battle.) NIV 24 Distress and anguish fill him with terror; they overwhelm him, like a king poised to attack, WYC 25 For he held forth his hand against God, and he was made strong against Almighty God. (For he put forth his hand against God, and he made himself strong against Almighty God.) NIV 25 because he shakes his fist at God and vaunts himself against the Almighty, WYC 26 He ran with his neck raised up against God, and he was armed with a fat noll. (He ran with his head raised up against God, and he was armed with a stiff neck, or he was stubborn.) NIV 26 defiantly charging against him with a thick, strong shield. WYC 27 Fatness, that is, pride of temporal abundance, covered his face, or understanding, and outward fatness, that is, unshamefastness, hangeth down of his sides (hangeth down on his sides). [Fatness covered his face, and of his sides grease hangeth. (Fatness covered his face, and grease hangeth down on his sides.)] NIV 27 "Though his face is covered with fat and his waist bulges with flesh, WYC 28 He shall dwell in desolate cities (He shall live in empty cities), and in deserted houses, that be turned into burials. NIV 28 he will inhabit ruined towns and houses where no one lives, houses crumbling to rubble. WYC 29 He shall not be made rich, neither his chattel shall dwell steadfastly (nor shall his substance, or his possessions, endure); neither he shall send his root into the earth, NIV 29 He will no longer be rich and his wealth will not endure, nor will his possessions spread over the land. WYC 30 neither he shall go away from darknesses. Flame shall make dry his branches, and he shall be taken away by the spirit of his mouth (The flame shall dry up his branches, and then he shall be taken away by the wind). NIV 30 He will not escape the darkness; a flame will wither his shoots, and the breath of God's mouth will carry him away. WYC 31 Believe he not vainly which is deceived by error, that he shall be again-bought by any price. (He, who is deceived by error, vainly believeth that he shall be bought back, or redeemed, at any price.) NIV 31 Let him not deceive himself by trusting what is worthless, for he will get nothing in return. WYC 32 Before that his days be [ful]filled, he shall perish, and his hands shall wax dry; NIV 32 Before his time he will be paid in full, and his branches will not flourish. WYC 33 he shall be hurt as a vine in the first flower of his grape, and as an olive tree casting away his flower. (he shall be like a vine that droppeth off its unripe grapes, or like an olive tree that casteth away its flowering buds.) NIV 33 He will be like a vine stripped of its unripe grapes, like an olive tree shedding its blossoms. WYC 34 For the gathering together of an hypocrite is barren, and fire shall devour the tabernacles of them, that take gifts willfully. (For hypocrites, one and all, be barren, and fire shall devour the tents of those, who willingly take gifts.) NIV 34 For the company of the godless will be barren, and fire will consume the tents of those who love bribes. WYC 35 He conceived sorrow, and childed wickedness, and his womb maketh ready treacheries. NIV 35 They conceive trouble and give birth to evil; their womb fashions deceit."