Parallel Bible results for Job 31

New Revised Standard

New International Version

Job 31

NRS 1 "I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I look upon a virgin? NIV 1 "I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl. NRS 2 What would be my portion from God above, and my heritage from the Almighty on high? NIV 2 For what is man's lot from God above, his heritage from the Almighty on high? NRS 3 Does not calamity befall the unrighteous, and disaster the workers of iniquity? NIV 3 Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong? NRS 4 Does he not see my ways, and number all my steps? NIV 4 Does he not see my ways and count my every step? NRS 5 "If I have walked with falsehood, and my foot has hurried to deceit— NIV 5 "If I have walked in falsehood or my foot has hurried after deceit-- NRS 6 let me be weighed in a just balance, and let God know my integrity!— NIV 6 let God weigh me in honest scales and he will know that I am blameless-- NRS 7 if my step has turned aside from the way, and my heart has followed my eyes, and if any spot has clung to my hands; NIV 7 if my steps have turned from the path, if my heart has been led by my eyes, or if my hands have been defiled, NRS 8 then let me sow, and another eat; and let what grows for me be rooted out. NIV 8 then may others eat what I have sown, and may my crops be uprooted. NRS 9 "If my heart has been enticed by a woman, and I have lain in wait at my neighbor's door; NIV 9 "If my heart has been enticed by a woman, or if I have lurked at my neighbor's door, NRS 10 then let my wife grind for another, and let other men kneel over her. NIV 10 then may my wife grind another man's grain, and may other men sleep with her. NRS 11 For that would be a heinous crime; that would be a criminal offense; NIV 11 For that would have been shameful, a sin to be judged. NRS 12 for that would be a fire consuming down to Abaddon, and it would burn to the root all my harvest. NIV 12 It is a fire that burns to Destruction; it would have uprooted my harvest. NRS 13 "If I have rejected the cause of my male or female slaves, when they brought a complaint against me; NIV 13 "If I have denied justice to my menservants and maidservants when they had a grievance against me, NRS 14 what then shall I do when God rises up? When he makes inquiry, what shall I answer him? NIV 14 what will I do when God confronts me? What will I answer when called to account? NRS 15 Did not he who made me in the womb make them? And did not one fashion us in the womb? NIV 15 Did not he who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same one form us both within our mothers? NRS 16 "If I have withheld anything that the poor desired, or have caused the eyes of the widow to fail, NIV 16 "If I have denied the desires of the poor or let the eyes of the widow grow weary, NRS 17 or have eaten my morsel alone, and the orphan has not eaten from it— NIV 17 if I have kept my bread to myself, not sharing it with the fatherless-- NRS 18 for from my youth I reared the orphan like a father, and from my mother's womb I guided the widow — NIV 18 but from my youth I reared him as would a father, and from my birth I guided the widow-- NRS 19 if I have seen anyone perish for lack of clothing, or a poor person without covering, NIV 19 if I have seen anyone perishing for lack of clothing, or a needy man without a garment, NRS 20 whose loins have not blessed me, and who was not warmed with the fleece of my sheep; NIV 20 and his heart did not bless me for warming him with the fleece from my sheep, NRS 21 if I have raised my hand against the orphan, because I saw I had supporters at the gate; NIV 21 if I have raised my hand against the fatherless, knowing that I had influence in court, NRS 22 then let my shoulder blade fall from my shoulder, and let my arm be broken from its socket. NIV 22 then let my arm fall from the shoulder, let it be broken off at the joint. NRS 23 For I was in terror of calamity from God, and I could not have faced his majesty. NIV 23 For I dreaded destruction from God, and for fear of his splendor I could not do such things. NRS 24 "If I have made gold my trust, or called fine gold my confidence; NIV 24 "If I have put my trust in gold or said to pure gold, 'You are my security,' NRS 25 if I have rejoiced because my wealth was great, or because my hand had gotten much; NIV 25 if I have rejoiced over my great wealth, the fortune my hands had gained, NRS 26 if I have looked at the sun when it shone, or the moon moving in splendor, NIV 26 if I have regarded the sun in its radiance or the moon moving in splendor, NRS 27 and my heart has been secretly enticed, and my mouth has kissed my hand; NIV 27 so that my heart was secretly enticed and my hand offered them a kiss of homage, NRS 28 this also would be an iniquity to be punished by the judges, for I should have been false to God above. NIV 28 then these also would be sins to be judged, for I would have been unfaithful to God on high. NRS 29 "If I have rejoiced at the ruin of those who hated me, or exulted when evil overtook them— NIV 29 "If I have rejoiced at my enemy's misfortune or gloated over the trouble that came to him-- NRS 30 I have not let my mouth sin by asking for their lives with a curse— NIV 30 I have not allowed my mouth to sin by invoking a curse against his life-- NRS 31 if those of my tent ever said, "O that we might be sated with his flesh!' — NIV 31 if the men of my household have never said, 'Who has not had his fill of Job's meat?'-- NRS 32 the stranger has not lodged in the street; I have opened my doors to the traveler— NIV 32 but no stranger had to spend the night in the street, for my door was always open to the traveler-- NRS 33 if I have concealed my transgressions as others do, by hiding my iniquity in my bosom, NIV 33 if I have concealed my sin as men do, by hiding my guilt in my heart NRS 34 because I stood in great fear of the multitude, and the contempt of families terrified me, so that I kept silence, and did not go out of doors— NIV 34 because I so feared the crowd and so dreaded the contempt of the clans that I kept silent and would not go outside-- NRS 35 O that I had one to hear me! (Here is my signature! Let the Almighty answer me!) O, that I had the indictment written by my adversary! NIV 35 ("Oh, that I had someone to hear me! I sign now my defense--let the Almighty answer me; let my accuser put his indictment in writing. NRS 36 Surely I would carry it on my shoulder; I would bind it on me like a crown; NIV 36 Surely I would wear it on my shoulder, I would put it on like a crown. NRS 37 I would give him an account of all my steps; like a prince I would approach him. NIV 37 I would give him an account of my every step; like a prince I would approach him.)-- NRS 38 "If my land has cried out against me, and its furrows have wept together; NIV 38 "if my land cries out against me and all its furrows are wet with tears, NRS 39 if I have eaten its yield without payment, and caused the death of its owners; NIV 39 if I have devoured its yield without payment or broken the spirit of its tenants, NRS 40 let thorns grow instead of wheat, and foul weeds instead of barley." The words of Job are ended. NIV 40 then let briers come up instead of wheat and weeds instead of barley." The words of Job are ended.