Parallel Bible results for Job 6

The Message Bible

New International Version

Job 6

MSG 1 Job answered: NIV 1 Then Job replied: MSG 2 "If my misery could be weighed, if you could pile the whole bitter load on the scales, NIV 2 "If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales! MSG 3 It would be heavier than all the sand of the sea! Is it any wonder that I'm screaming like a caged cat? NIV 3 It would surely outweigh the sand of the seas-- no wonder my words have been impetuous. MSG 4 The arrows of God Almighty are in me, poison arrows - and I'm poisoned all through! God has dumped the whole works on me. NIV 4 The arrows of the Almighty are in me, my spirit drinks in their poison; God's terrors are marshaled against me. MSG 5 Donkeys bray and cows moo when they run out of pasture - so don't expect me to keep quiet in this. NIV 5 Does a wild donkey bray when it has grass, or an ox bellow when it has fodder? MSG 6 Do you see what God has dished out for me? It's enough to turn anyone's stomach! NIV 6 Is tasteless food eaten without salt, or is there flavor in the white of an egg ? MSG 7 Everything in me is repulsed by it - it makes me sick. Pressed Past the Limits NIV 7 I refuse to touch it; such food makes me ill. MSG 8 "All I want is an answer to one prayer, a last request to be honored: NIV 8 "Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for, MSG 9 Let God step on me - squash me like a bug, and be done with me for good. NIV 9 that God would be willing to crush me, to let loose his hand and cut me off ! MSG 10 I'd at least have the satisfaction of not having blasphemed the Holy God, before being pressed past the limits. NIV 10 Then I would still have this consolation-- my joy in unrelenting pain-- that I had not denied the words of the Holy One. MSG 11 Where's the strength to keep my hopes up? What future do I have to keep me going? NIV 11 "What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient? MSG 12 Do you think I have nerves of steel? Do you think I'm made of iron? NIV 12 Do I have the strength of stone? Is my flesh bronze? MSG 13 Do you think I can pull myself up by my bootstraps? Why, I don't even have any boots! My So-Called Friends NIV 13 Do I have any power to help myself, now that success has been driven from me? MSG 14 "When desperate people give up on God Almighty, their friends, at least, should stick with them. NIV 14 "A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends, even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty. MSG 15 But my brothers are fickle as a gulch in the desert - one day they're gushing with water NIV 15 But my brothers are as undependable as intermittent streams, as the streams that overflow MSG 16 From melting ice and snow cascading out of the mountains, NIV 16 when darkened by thawing ice and swollen with melting snow, MSG 17 But by midsummer they're dry, gullies baked dry in the sun. NIV 17 but that cease to flow in the dry season, and in the heat vanish from their channels. MSG 18 Travelers who spot them and go out of their way for a drink, end up in a waterless gulch and die of thirst. NIV 18 Caravans turn aside from their routes; they go up into the wasteland and perish. MSG 19 Merchant caravans from Tema see them and expect water, tourists from Sheba hope for a cool drink. NIV 19 The caravans of Tema look for water, the traveling merchants of Sheba look in hope. MSG 20 They arrive so confident - but what a disappointment! They get there, and their faces fall! NIV 20 They are distressed, because they had been confident; they arrive there, only to be disappointed. MSG 21 And you, my so-called friends, are no better - there's nothing to you! One look at a hard scene and you shrink in fear. NIV 21 Now you too have proved to be of no help; you see something dreadful and are afraid. MSG 22 It's not as though I asked you for anything - I didn't ask you for one red cent - NIV 22 Have I ever said, 'Give something on my behalf, pay a ransom for me from your wealth, MSG 23 Nor did I beg you to go out on a limb for me. So why all this dodging and shuffling? NIV 23 deliver me from the hand of the enemy, ransom me from the clutches of the ruthless'? MSG 24 "Confront me with the truth and I'll shut up, show me where I've gone off the track. NIV 24 "Teach me, and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. MSG 25 Honest words never hurt anyone, but what's the point of all this pious bluster? NIV 25 How painful are honest words! But what do your arguments prove? MSG 26 You pretend to tell me what's wrong with my life, but treat my words of anguish as so much hot air. NIV 26 Do you mean to correct what I say, and treat the words of a despairing man as wind? MSG 27 Are people mere things to you? Are friends just items of profit and loss? NIV 27 You would even cast lots for the fatherless and barter away your friend. MSG 28 "Look me in the eyes! Do you think I'd lie to your face? NIV 28 "But now be so kind as to look at me. Would I lie to your face? MSG 29 Think it over - no double-talk! Think carefully - my integrity is on the line! NIV 29 Relent, do not be unjust; reconsider, for my integrity is at stake. MSG 30 Can you detect anything false in what I say? Don't you trust me to discern good from evil? NIV 30 Is there any wickedness on my lips? Can my mouth not discern malice?