Parallel Bible results for Nehemiah 11:7-9

New Revised Standard

New International Version

Nehemiah 11:7-9

NRS 7 And these are the Benjaminites: Sallu son of Meshullam son of Joed son of Pedaiah son of Kolaiah son of Maaseiah son of Ithiel son of Jeshaiah. NIV 7 From the descendants of Benjamin: Sallu son of Meshullam, the son of Joed, the son of Pedaiah, the son of Kolaiah, the son of Maaseiah, the son of Ithiel, the son of Jeshaiah, NRS 8 And his brothers Gabbai, Sallai: nine hundred twenty-eight. NIV 8 and his followers, Gabbai and Sallai--928 men. NRS 9 Joel son of Zichri was their overseer; and Judah son of Hassenuah was second in charge of the city. NIV 9 Joel son of Zicri was their chief officer, and Judah son of Hassenuah was over the Second District of the city.