Parallel Bible results for Psalm 5


New International Version

Psalm 5

WYC 1 To the overcomer, on the heritages, the psalm of David. Lord, perceive thou my words with ears; understand thou my cry. (To the overcomer, for the inheritance, the song of David. Lord, hear thou my words; understand my cry.) NIV 1 Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my sighing. WYC 2 My king (My King), and my God; give thou attention to the voice of my prayer. For, Lord, I shall pray to thee; NIV 2 Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. WYC 3 hear thou early my voice. Early I shall stand nigh to thee, and I shall see; (hear thou my voice in the morning. Early in the morning I shall stand near to thee, and I shall see thee;) NIV 3 In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. WYC 4 for thou art God not desiring wickedness. Neither an evil-willed man shall dwell beside thee; (for thou art not a God who desireth wickedness. No one with an evil will shall stand beside thee;) NIV 4 You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil; with you the wicked cannot dwell. WYC 5 neither unjust men shall dwell before thine eyes. Thou hatest all them that work wickedness; (nor shall the unrighteous stand before thine eyes. Thou hatest all those who do evil;) NIV 5 The arrogant cannot stand in your presence; you hate all who do wrong. WYC 6 thou shalt lose them that speak leasing. The Lord shall hold abominable a man-queller, and a guileful man. (thou shalt destroy those who tell lies. And the Lord shall hold as abominable man-killers, that is, murderers, and liars.) NIV 6 You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD abhors. WYC 7 But Lord, in the multitude of thy mercy, I shall enter into thine house; I shall worship to(ward) thine holy temple in thy dread. (But Lord, because of thy great love, I shall enter into thy House; I shall bow toward thy holy Temple in reverence for thee.) NIV 7 But I, by your great mercy, will come into your house; in reverence will I bow down toward your holy temple. WYC 8 Lord, lead thou forth me in thy rightwiseness for mine enemies; (ad)dress thou my way in thy sight. (Lord, lead thou me forth in thy righteousness, because my enemies be all around me; direct thou my way before thee/direct thou me along thy way.) NIV 8 Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies-- make straight your way before me. WYC 9 For truth is not in their mouth; their heart is vain. Their throat is an open sepulchre, they did guilefully with their tongues; (For truth is not in their mouths; their hearts be empty. Their throats be an open tomb, or an open grave, and everything they say is deceitful, or corrupt;) NIV 9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongue they speak deceit. WYC 10 God, deem thou them. Fall they down from their thoughts; after the multitude of their wickednesses, or unpiousnesses, cast thou them down; for, Lord, they have stirred thee to wrath. (God, judge thou them. Let them fall by their own thoughts; throw thou them down after all their wickednesses; for, Lord, they have rebelled against thee.) NIV 10 Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall. Banish them for their many sins, for they have rebelled against you. WYC 11 And all that hope in thee, be they glad; they shall make full out joy [into] without end, and thou shalt dwell in them. And all that love thy name shall have glory in thee; (But all who hope in thee, be they glad; they shall rejoice forever, and thou shalt live with them. And all who love thy name shall have glory in thee;) NIV 11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. WYC 12 for thou shalt bless the just man. Lord, thou hast crowned us, as with a shield of thy good will. (for thou shalt bless the righteous. Lord, thou hast surrounded us with thy favour, yea, like with a shield.) NIV 12 For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.