Jeremiah 49:19-21 NIV

19 "Like a lion1 coming up from Jordan's thickets2 to a rich pastureland, I will chase Edom from its land in an instant. Who is the chosen one I will appoint for this? Who is like3 me and who can challenge me?4 And what shepherd5 can stand against me?"

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20 Therefore, hear what the LORD has planned against Edom,6 what he has purposed7 against those who live in Teman:8 The young of the flock9 will be dragged away; he will completely destroy10 their pasture because of them.11

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21 At the sound of their fall the earth will tremble;12 their cry13 will resound to the Red Sea.a

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    • b 49:21 - Hebrew "Yam Suph"; that is, Sea of Reeds