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Christ in the Heart

And Other Sermons

Sermon I

Strengthened with Might

Sermon II

The Indwelling Christ

Sermon III

Unknowable Love Known to Love

Sermon IV

The Paradox of Love's Measure

Sermon V

The Climax of All Prayer

Sermon VI

Christ's Touch

Sermon VII

The Commander of the Faithful

Sermon VIII

The Commander's Conflict and Triumph

Sermon IX

The Carrion and the Vultures

Sermon X

The Death of Abraham

Sermon XI

The Silence of Scripture

Sermon XII

Ittai of Gath

Sermon XIII

Two Builders on One Foundation

Sermon XIV

What Crouches at the Door

Sermon XV

A Pure Church an Increasing Church

Sermon XVI

Manhanaim: The Two Camps

Sermon XVII

The Contrasted Aime and Parallel Methods of the World and the Christian

Sermon XVII

Chambers of Imagery

Sermon XIX

Form Versus Character

Sermon XX

The Thirst of the Soul After God and Its Satisfaction in God

Sermon XXI


Sermon XXII

"The Gospel of the Glory of the Happy God"

Sermon XXIII

"Like Precious Faith"

Sermon XXIV

Self-Mutilation for Self-Preservation

Sermon XXV

Is the Spirit of the Lord Straitened?

Sermon XXVI

Herod--A Startled Conscience