Genesis 10:20-30 TYN

20 These were the chyldre of Ham in there kynreddes tonges landes and nations.
21 And Sem the father of all ye childre of Eber and the eldest brother of Iapheth begat children also.
22 And his sonnes were: Elam Assur Arphachsad Lud ad Aram.
23 And ye childree of Aram were: Vz Hul Gether and Mas
24 And Arphachsad begat Sala and Sala begat Eber.
25 And Eber begat .ij. sonnes. The name of the one was Peleg for in his tyme the erth was devyded. And the name of his brother was Iaketanr
26 Iaketan begat Almodad Saleph Hyzarmoneth Iarah
27 Hadoram Vsal Dikela
28 Obal Abimach Seba
29 Ophir Heuila and Iobab. All these are the sonnes of Iaketan.
30 And the dwellynge of them was from Mesa vntill thou come vnto Sephara a mountayne of the easte lande.