Genesis 18:6-16 TYN

6 And Abraha went a pace in to his tent vnto Sara ad sayde: make redy att once thre peckes of fyne meale kneade it and make cakes.
7 And Abraham ran vnto his beastes and fett a calfe that was tendre and good and gaue it vnto a yonge man which made it redy attonce.
8 And he toke butter and mylcke and the calfe which he had prepared and sett it before them and stode hymselfe by them vnder the tree: and they ate.
9 And they sayde vnto him: Where is Sara thy wife? And he sayde: in the tent.
10 And he sayde: I will come agayne vnto the as soone as the frute can lyue. And loo: Sara thy wife shall haue a sonne. That herde Sara out of the tent doore which was behind his backe.
11 Abraham and Sara were both olde and well stryken in age and it ceased to be with Sara after the maner as it is wyth wyves.
12 And Sara laughed in hir selfe saynge: Now I am waxed olde shall I geue my selfe to lust and my lorde olde also?
13 Than sayd the LORde vnto Abraha: wherfore doth Sara laughe saynge: shal I of a suertie bere a childe now when I am olde?
14 is the thinge to harde for the LORde to do? In the tyme appoynted will I returne vnto the as soone as the frute can haue lyfe And Sara shall haue a sonne.
15 Than Sara denyed it saynge: I laughed not for she was afrayde. But he sayde: yes thou laughtest.
16 Than the men stode vp from thence ad loked towarde Sodome. And Abraham went with them to brynge them on the waye.