Genesis 23:1-6 TYN

1 Sara was an hundred and .xxvij. yere olde (for so longe lyued she)
2 and than dyed in a heade cyte called Hebron in the londe of Canaan. Than Abraham came to morne Sara and to wepe for her.
3 And Abraham stode vp from the coorse and talked with the sonnes of heth saynge:
4 I am a straunger ad a foryner amonge yow geue me a possession to bury in with you that I may bury my dead oute of my sighte
5 And the children of heth answered Abraham saynge vnto him:
6 heare vs lorde thou art a prynce of God amonge vs. In the chefest of oure sepulchres bury thy dead: None of vs shall forbydd ye his sepulchre yt thou shuldest not bury thy deade therein.