1 Then Iesus sixe dayes before ester came to Bethany where Lazarus was which was deed and who Iesus raysed from deeth.
2 There they made him a supper and Martha served: But Lazarus was one of them that sate at the table with him.
3 Then toke Mary a pounde of oyntmet called Nardus perfecte and precious and anoynted Iesus fete and wipt his fete with her heer and the housse was filled of the savre of the oyntmet.
4 Then sayde one of his disciples name Iudas Iscariot Simos sonne which afterwarde betrayed him:
5 why was not this oyntmet solde for thre hondred pence and geve to the poore?
6 This sayde he not that he cared for the pooer: but because he was a thefe and kept the bagge and bare that which was geven.
7 Then sayde Iesus: Let her alone agaynst the daye of my buryinge she kept it.
8 The poore all wayes shall ye have with you but me shall ye not all wayes have.
9 Moche people of the Iewes had knowledge that he was there. And they came not for Iesus sake only but yt they myght se Lazarus also whom he raysed from deeth.
10 The hye prestes therfore held a counsell that they myght put Lazarus to deeth also
11 because that for his sake many of the Iewes went awaye and beleved on Iesus.