7 Yf thou therfore wilt worshippe me they shalbe all thyne.
8 Iesus answered him and sayde: hence from me Sathan. For it is written: Thou shalt honour the Lorde thy God and him only serve.
9 And he caryed him to Ierusalem and set him on a pynacle of the temple and sayd vnto him: Yf thou be the sonne of God cast thy silfe doune from hens.
10 For it is written he shall geve his angels charge over the to kepe the
11 and with there hondis they shall stey the vp that thou dasshe not thy fote agaynst a stone.
12 Iesus answered and sayde to him it is sayd: thou shalt not tempte the Lorde thy God.
13 Assone as the devyll had ended all his temptacions he departed from him for a season.
14 And Iesus retourned by the power of ye sprete in to Galile and there went a fame of him thorowe oute all the regio roude aboute.
15 And he taught in their synagoges and was commended of all men.
16 And he came to Nazareth where he was noursed and as hys custome was went in to the synagoge on the Saboth dayes and stode vp for to rede.
17 And ther was delyvered vnto him ye boke of ye Prophete Esaias. And when he had opened the boke he founde the place where it was written.